Installing Gondola

Gondola is written in Go, so in order to install Gondola a working Go installation is required.

Installing Go

To install Go, follow the installation instructions on the Go website.

If you’re new to Go, it’s also recommended to follow the Go Tour to familiarize yourself with the language.

Installing required tools

Gondola is published as a git repository, while some of its dependencies are made available with mercurial. In order to download Gondola, you’ll need both git and mercurial installed on your computer. Please, refer to your operating system section to learn how to install these tools.


Download the git installer from the git Windows downloads and run the installer. Then go to mercurial downloads and choose the Mercurial Inno Setup installer installer for either 32 or 64 bits. If you’re unsure about which version you need, download the 32 bits one. Run its installer and you’re set.

Mac OS X

In OS X, git can be installed either by installing Xcode and then downloading the Command Line Tools from the Xcode -> Preferences -> Downloads menu or by downloading an installer from the git OS X downloads. To install mercurial, download the latest OS X package from mercurial downloads.


On Debian based distributions, like Ubuntu, open a terminal and type the following:

sudo apt-get install git mercurial

On Red Hat based ones, like Fedora, Centos or Suse, type this instead.

sudo yum install git mercurial

If you’re running any other type of distro, you probably know how to install these tools yourself.

Installing Gondola

Once Go is installed, open a command prompt (if you’re on Windows press Win+R, type cmd and press Enter) and type the following:

go get -v

Please note that this will take a few minutes to complete and will download several packages.

Verify Gondola was installed

To make sure Gondola was installed correctly, type the following in a command prompt:

gondola help

It should print the the help the Gondola command, which we’ll use in the next tutorial. If the command fails or the gondola command can’t be found, please, read the previous steps carefully and make sure you did everything right.


Now that your Gondola installation is ready, continue with the Hello World tutorial.

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