Package Index

Gondola Packages app provides a mux implementation which does regexp based URL routing and provides functions for managing the lifecycle of a request at different points. cookies contains helper functions for setting and retrieving cookies, including signed and encrypted ones. pagination implements helper functions for request handlers which present results organized in numbered pages. reusableapp contains types and functions for writing reusable Gondola apps. serialize provides conveniency functions for serializing values to either JSON or XML tester implements functions for testing and benchmarking Gondola applications. articles implements an app for displaying articles from files. article includes common types and functions for the articles app and command. articles command is used for easily managing article files. docs implements a Gondola application for browsing package documentation. printer implements printing of AST nodes. users implements an application for registering and authenticating users, including social sign ins. blobstore implements a blob storage system with pluggable backends. chunk includes several data chunking algorithms. fixed implements a chunker which returns chunks of fixed size (except for the last one). driver includes the interfaces required to implement a blobstore driver. file implements the file driver for the blobstore. gcs provides a Google Cloud Storage driver for the Blobstore. gridfs implements a GridFS driver for the blobstore. leveldb implements the levelb driver for the blobstore. s3 implements an s3 driver for the blobstore. cache implements a caching system with pluggable backends. driver includes the interfaces required to implement a Gondola cache driver, as well as the dummy, memory and file drivers. memcache implements a Gondola cache driver using memcache. redis implements a Gondola cache driver using redis. layer implements a cache layer which allows caching of complete responses. commands provides functions for registering and executing administrative commands. config implements a file/command line based configuration. cryptoutil implements utility functions for signing, checking, encrypting and decrypting values. hashutil provides utility functions for hashing data. password contains functions for securely storing and checking passwords. base64 implements base64 encoding/decoding stripping any = used for padding, thus producing invalid base64 but saving a few bytes. binary implements simple translation between numbers and byte sequences and encoding and decoding of varints. codec implements functions for encoding and decoding objects in several formats Any registered codec can be used by both and msgpack provides a codec implementation using msgpack. pipe implements pipes which transform data, generally for compressing it. bootstrap3 implements some helper functions intended to be used with the Bootstrap front-end framework, version 3. fontawesome defines template assets and functions for using fontawesome (see html provides some basic data structures for declaring HTML elements using Go code. i18n implements support for translation and localization of Go applications. messages implements functions for extracting messages from source code files and compiling them to Go code. internal contains low-level utilities used by several parts of Gondola. astutil constains some small utilities for working with Go syntax trees. bson is an implementation of the BSON specification for Go: It was created as part of the mgo MongoDB driver for Go, but is standalone and may be used on its own without the driver. gen does code generation to automate tedious tasks. genutil contains helper functions for autogenerating code. httpserve contains constants and utility functions for serving HTTP content. pkgutil contains some small utilities for working with go packages. runtimeutil contains some utility functions for formatting stack traces and source code. templateutil contains functions for parsing and walking go template trees. kvs implements a generic container for assocciating keys with values and easily obtaining type safe-functions for setting and retrieving them. log implements low-level logging. httpclient provides an HTTP client with several conveniency functions. mail provides a conveniency interface over net/smtp, to facilitate the most common tasks when sending emails. oauth implements a oAuth 1.0a client. oauth2 implements an oAuth 2 client. urlutil contains utility functions related to URLs. datastore implements an App Engine datastore driver the Gondola's ORM. signals implements functions for emitting and receiving synchronous signals. tasks provides functions for scheduling periodic tasks (e.g. sass implements a sass compiler for assets. template (html/template) implements data-driven templates for generating HTML output safe against code injection. markdown implements a Markdown template converter. fileutil contains small utility functions for working with files. generic implements some utility functions which work on any type. geoip provides allows retrieving geographical information from an incoming request. stringutil contains small utility functions for string manipulation and parsing. vfsutil contains small utility functions for working with virtual filesystems. yaml provides functions for encoding/decoding YAML.